Good physical and mechanical property for Krombeplast profile

No wonder which series, which varieties of Krombeplast PVC profiles, using the most advanced composite processing aid, imported PVC resins and titanium dioxide, processed through carefully selected materials and scientific formulation, their performance indexes are much better than national standard, and its unique features

1. Good appearance quality: main color is white with little blue and brown tones on laminated color, bright and beautiful, presenting you a fresh and elegant feeling, high-precision dimension, stable weight of unit length.
2. High heat resistance property: under high temperature treatment, the profile dimensions have no change, and have almost no air bubbles, pocking mark and crack after heated.
3. Good anti impact performance: Krombeplast PVC profiles as its unique formulation, excellent raw materials, dropping hammer impact under low temperature, ten samples none break down, and the Charpy impact strength is much higher that the national standard and in line with European standards.
4. High optical and thermal stabilities: under 600o hours of simulated aging test, all indexes are higher than the national standard.
5. Good mechanical properties: the ductility and bending properties are both better than national standard, has an excellent mechanical properties.